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Training Tips on How you Can Improve Your Hockey Skills During the Off Season

Posted By World Juniors 2008

While the off season for hockey players is a time to sit back and relax, it should also be used to develop your skills and improve during the summer. Off-season training will help prove your skills with special diets, plans, strength training, regimens and more.

Check out these training tips on how you can improve your hockey skills during the offseason.

Plan Your Schedule

While it may sound daunting, you will want to start your training by creating a plan that will help you stay committed to the game. Using proper conditioning skills will give you a great edge and improve on elevating your conditioning level.

Once you’ve created your routine, you can also incorporate shooting, stickhandling, and skate. You will start to feel more confident in your game and see major improvements by the time the season ends.

Use Tools & Aids

With your plan, you will need to have the appropriate tools to perform your schedule practice. While you can’t practice your ice puck on dry solid ground, there are other tools that will be able to be used on dry land. If you plan to practice on hard concrete or asphalt, be sure to use a shooting board to prevent such damage.

Make Use of Inline Skates

Another tool to use is inline skates. They work great for off season training and will help transition back to ice hockey when it is not available during the summer.


The off season is the perfect opportunity for players to improve their game on a comfortable level. With no games to prepare for, you can focus on conditioning, shooting, stickhandling and everything you might have lacked during the hockey season. Use these tips to help you improve your skills and give you the right aids to training.

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5 Tip on How to Become a Better Hockey Player

Posted By World Juniors 2008

Everyone is looking for ways to improve their game. With these strategies, you will improve your hockey game and your skills in no time.

Here are 5 tips on how to become a better hockey player.

Focus on the Mechanics

It is important to focus mainly on what the best play for you is. Do you do better when you shoot or pass? There are plenty of coaches, clinics, and camps available to help you work on your speed, shoot, pass, and more.

Skip the Penalties

Hockey is filled with a large range of emotions. Players will often let their emotions rage and get the best of time. However, poor actions like hitting the opponents will lead to a fight. These sorts of impulses should be ignored as it will lead your team to a major disadvantage. Use that energy to play better on your game and stand up for yourself in a legal way within the right time period.

Don’t Forget the Basics

The more you play, the more you aim to progress. However, keeping your feet moving and sticking on the ice are often forgotten. It is important to continue your drills as you introduce different concepts to your practice. Your coach will remind you of the proper foundation of good playing skills.

Make Your Motive on Getting the Goalie to Move

The goaltender’s job is to not let any puck get past them. That is why you must get your goalie to move. A hard pass will open up the right opportunity to move as create a new passing. The move your body moves, the more uncomfortable your goalie will feel.

Forcing the Issue

Teams use practice time to work on their skills and communication. The last thing you will want to do is get comfortable. It is important to work with discomfort and force the issue. It is also about knowing what your opponent wants and how to make it impossible for them to achieve it.


Follow these top 5 tips on how to become a better player and you will improve your game in no time. got any tips that you would like to share? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

Infographic by: hockey-community.com
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Blog Hockey Stickhandle Tips

5 Tips on How to Stickhandle That Every Hockey Player Must Know

Posted By World Juniors 2008

Knowing how to stickhandle is important when it comes to playing hockey. While many players assume they know how to stickhandle, you might be surprised at many players are still doing it completely wrong. Many players assume that stickhandling is simply to move the puck back and forth. However, this is completely wrong.

Here are 5 tips on how to stickhandle that every hockey player must know.

Practice How You Reach

It is important for players not to keep their top hand by their side as this will limit their range of motion. The key is to hold the stick with the top hand in front as this will give your stick the freedom to move around. That way, you will be able to practice moving the puck as far as possible within your reach.

Go Over the Toe Drag

Another powerful move is the toe drag. This is one move you will see NHL players use as it will help you get the opposite team.

Get On The Ice

Once you’ve begun to master the controls and stickhandling, you will need to take it to the ice. Use your skills to practice on the ice and master the moves when it will be used most.

Move the Puck

While this is an obvious tip, is it always a good reminder. You will want to always be prepared to move as your opponent will be on the lookout as to what you will do next. Moving the puck will keep your mental movement in shape as well as keep the puck stationary.

Use Your Entire Body to Shift

Stickhandling is not only about the arms and the stick. It is vital to use your entire body you must use for the head for fakes, shoulders as you dip, and feet for your dekes. Use your entire body to shift as you move the puck.


It is important to remember when you must protect the puck when driving to the net. If you have any tips that you would like to share, feel free to share your tips with us!

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